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June Stafford - Age is just a number

June Stafford - Age is just a number

1. How and when did you get involved in triathlon?

I did my first Tri the fall of 2003 in Edmonton as it was something that I had on my bucket list. I was always an active swimmer, biker & runner so I thought, why not. I quickly learned the importance of brick training - I had never heard of this before the race!  All I had was my mountain bike & bathing suit for this race however it got me through and I was hooked! However due to getting a full time job after the Tri I was unable to train much so never entered into any races until 10 years later. I've since competed in approximately 15 triathlons since 2013!

2. What is your biggest achievement in triathlon to date?

My biggest achievement to date would have to be 2016 season as I placed first in my age group for provincials in Alberta & B.C. I qualified to go to world's in Australia in September 2018, however I opted out of going.

3. Tell us about your first experience at World Triathlon Series Edmonton.

My first experience with WTS Edmonton was in 2003 at a Try-a-Tri but it wasn't until 2015 that my son-in-law challenged me to join him in the standard distance event. I took him up on the offer and registered immediately so that I would commit. He however, decided that the idea was not a good My experience in the 2015 race was not the best as the temperature was +5 in the morning with gale force winds & rain. Quite frankly it was horrible that I did not register the following year. In 2017, I decided to do it again as I got thinking how awful the volunteers had it in 2015 as well & they kept coming back!

4. Tell us about what it means to you to train and race with a family member.

It is really nice to have a family member who races as well, it motivates me to train harder. My son-in-law and I can bounce ideas off each other and we can whine together when we are He has a very young family: a two yr old & three month old so his training is very limited this year and we will only be sharing one race together at Nationals in Kelowna.

5. How many grandchildren do you have? Do you see yourself as an inspiration for them? Do they come out and cheer you on? 

I have five grandkids: three boys & two girls. Their ages range from three months to twenty years!  I hope I am an inspiration to them by leading by example. I have always felt age is just a number & you can continue to do what you are passionate about as long as you have your health.  My grandkids have all seen me compete at least once but they are aware of the time & energy that I put into training.

6. How much time do you typically train in a week?

In the off season I usually train six hours/week but starting in January I up my training to 12 - 15 hrs/week.

7. Do you have a professional triathlete that you enjoy watching?

I really admire Paula Findlay, a local girl who came on strong, then had to face many challenges, rose above them and is once again a force to be reckoned with.

8. What are your triathlon goals for 2018?

My goals for the 2018 season are to be injury free & hoping to place in all of my races.

9. Do you have a day job?

Currently, I work at a high school where I do administrative work for Inclusive Learning. I also spare bus drive for a local busing company.

10. What would you say to someone who is thinking of “TRI-ing” the sport?

If you are thinking of doing a triathlon, I would say "just do it" and you will be hooked!


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