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Cycling routes in Edmonton

Cycling routes in Edmonton

Summer has finally arrived in Edmonton and training groups everywhere are enjoying all the river valley has to offer. 

In my previous article, I discussed the overload principle; a principle that deals with incremental increases in training load in order for the body to adapt and improve. However, with the dramatic change in weather it is tempting to increase your run and bike training loads too much too soon. This sudden change may lead to over trained state. Prolonged existence in this state leads to injury as the body can not keep up with the rate of repair necessary.

To mitigate the effects of overtraining, I recommend only increasing cycling volume to lower the risk to getting a soft tissue injury. I have had to accept this in my coaching practices and temper the overload with biking as it has less impact on joints, ligaments and tendons of our athletes.

In this article, I will share a couple of the excellent cycling routes and sets the Edmonton Triathlon Academy (ETA) uses to help supplement your own cycling routine as you increase your training load. As well it contains a recovery run option and route.

ETA Cycling Routes

·      The “Golf Course Loop” we use after leaving from Cameron Heights to avoid 45min of bike paths when leaving from Hawrelak park

This Golf Course segments (The Shire) can also be found on Strava. If you’re looking for extra competition! 

I would recommend this course if you’re looking for intervals 5-10min in length. The surface is excellent, and the safety is increased with all right hand turns, but remember it still is an open road!

·      The “City Loop” is a favourite. It is a 40km ride around the city on quiet roads taking in some of the local hero King of the Mountain (KOM) climbs!

·      The Edmonton Research and Development Park offers a great technical course, where we develop our pack riding skills. The park also conveniently has a 500m gravel path around the lake ideal for transition bike run sessions.


ETA Cycling Sets

·      4x8 min individual time trials for non-drafting athletes and a team time trial for draft legal athletes. Rest is 4min. Restart next interval from previous finishing

·      A recovery ride using easy gearing on the climbs for a mental break from set intervals.

·      An interval session using each of the main climbs(1-3 min in length) with either easy recovery between climbs or maintaining a constant pace between climbing if your looking to improve fatigue resistance and not maximum power development from taking full recoveries between efforts.

Recovery Run

There are hundreds of run options but I have been using this one on our Monday evening sessions. You start with walking up the stairs at the Savage Centre as a warm up and activation. Then from then on it’s a flat off road run with a down hill section into Snow Valley Ski Centre. From the ski centre there is a flat trail path all the way back to the start. This run is my ideal recovery session as it has no hill climbing and some gentle down hill so they feel some speed.

Ultimately overload is needed and we all love our summer but if you can limit the increase in training to cycling we will see you on the start line at the Edmonton WTS injury free and healthy.


Enjoy :) KC

Let me know what your favourite routes are!

Kevin Clark is head coach of the Edmonton Triathlon Academy which was founded in 2007 to focus on developing local young talent. Kevin represented Great Britain and Scotland internationally at an elite level for more than seven years. He has a Bsc. in sports science and a Higher National diploma in sports coaching and development. The Edmonton Triathlon Academy athletes come from a variety of backgrounds and now with the flexibility of their part-time program for youth athletes, it allows youth to sample triathlon while still attending club and school programs with a schedule that fits the stage of your sporting development. Kevin is always looking for young talent. Contact for more information.




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